Eat (and Produce) Good Food: 13 April 2014

Great news: the tomatoes are starting to show! In other nightshade news… buds are forming on the “Jalapeño M” and “Garden Salsa” pepper plants.


Flowering tomatoes



Tiny “Sweet 100” baby tomato


“Big Beef” Big baby tomato


“Garden Salsa” buds


“Jalapeño M” buds

My plan to rehydrate the trough soils worked very well. Unfortunately, the parsley, cilantro and chives are still not very healthy. It is clear now that I need to re-transplant them into deeper pots. While I am at it, I may as well move the spearmint and dill into pots as well, completely vacating the troughs. Maybe my upstairs neighbor would like them for some flowers that would be better suited to that style planter.



While the troughs cast a shadow that I will be glad to remove, additional planters may cause a congestion problem. Then again, maybe not: I’ll be able to place some right up against the rail and I won’t have to dodge the shadows anymore. We’ll see. Also need to get some cages for those tomatoes soon. One of the “sweet 100” vines is grabbing another, but I don’t expect they’ll lend each other enough support.


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