Reblog: The REAL Truth Behind Bundy Ranch Land-Grab in Nevada

An interesting post from Occupy Corporatism

This article lays bare grave concerns about public officials abusing government power to seize lands from citizens for personal and corporate interests. The embedded links go a good way towards piecing together the narrative.

I am struggling to see a concrete connection with the Wildlands Project, however. It seems evident that the Wildlands Project works by lobbying governments to apply regulations to the use of lands, essentially taking custody of the land, ostensibly in support of the Wildlands Project mission.  This can create opportunities for the government to turn around and make these lands available for pork. But it seems the solar farm and panel plant discussed in the post appear to be outside of the wildways described. I would expect the Nevada lands to be within the Western Wildway, but the map provided on the Wildlands Project website does not appear to include a significant portion of Nevada. Can someone supply the missing link?


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