About Catholhu

Rise from R'lyeh

Prepare for Global Weirding!

  1. Eat (and Produce) Good Food.
  2. Evaluate & Reform Your Media Diet.
  3. Perform a Consumerism Cleanse.
  4. Beware the Corporatocracy!
  5. Have Fun!

If you follow the link above, you will see a brief description about what “global weirding” means in the context of climate change. I suggest that the term is much more versatile than that.

Global weirding is not only a statement of one problem; it is the solution to many! The five steps laid out above, when implemented by the critical masses, will weirdify the globe against ecological disaster, psychological devastation and improve overall health, (true) wealth and happiness.

Legend has it…

The story of Catholhu begins with a man called Cthulhu. Now I know what you’re thinking: Cthulhu is a monster. You are absolutely right, but he was also a man. Is it so uncommon for a man to be given the name of a cosmic entity? Cthulhu was a man of diverse interests, especially in matters of the mind, heart and soul.

He studied under many masters from East and West, Antiquity to Modernity. He exercised esoteric rites and meditated. Then he became Illuminated. His clarity of vision and effulgent joy influenced those around him. He felt powerful and proud. He mounted a wild mustang and attempted to ride to the very Gates of Heaven. He had to be stopped. God, in perfect Mercy and Justice, cast him down Icarus-like into the mud on a cold, wet, January night. Cthulhu was Deluminated.

Humiliated, Cthulhu returned to his house at R’lyeh and lied dead, dreamingfor strange aeons. In his dreams he wandered until he came to rest at the Pillar of Davidson where he met a humble shepherd. The shepherd joined him on his journey and shewed him many wondrous things. They came to the House of the Father of the Shepherd. The Father took Cthulhu into His House and accepted him as His son. That day Cthulhu received a new name: Catholhu. And a mission: Prepare for Global Weirding!


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